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Smartphone Media App

Devices: Phone
Role: UX & Visual Design

An app that provides an interface to manage multimedia and cast video or photos to a television. The client was a smartphone manufacturer that also manufactured televisions. This app provided a bridge between these two devices so users can display their media seamlessly.

Project Summary

The interface would allow users to select photos and videos and be able to queue them up to cast on their TV. The app was designed so that multiple users in the same room (on the same network) would be able to view their media in a single queue. 

Users would also be able to select media from their favorite social networking as well as video sharing websites.


UX Design

Wireframes had to be thoroughly detailed out for multiple used-case scenarios – including video sharing websites, social networking sites and on-device media.

Visual Design

This app was unprecedented in the sense that the company had never had such an application before. The visual design was meant to be a visual refresh and allowed for darker colors to be used since media and entertainment was the main purpose. One of the use-cases was for the app to be used in the dark – hence the darker palette. 

Dark Orchid
White Smoke

This project took 6 weeks from creating use-cases to wireframes to creation of mocks.